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                                              Cattle Breeds


                                             DAIRY BREEDS

Red & White Holstein   Blue & White Holstein   Black & White Holstein  

 Red & White Holstein     Blue & White Holstein   Black & White Holstein

Milking Shorthorn   Jersey   Brown Swiss

   Milking Shorthorn                Jersey                      Brown Swiss

Guernesey   Asyrshire   Finish Red

         Guernsey                   Ayrshire                      Finish Red

Dexter   Dutch Belted or Lakenvelder  

           Dexter             Dutch Belted or Lakenvelder             

American Milking Devon   American British White Park   Kerrys

 American Milking Devon American British White Park     Kerry



                  BEEF BREEDS

Angus   Beef Master   Brahman

         Angus                        Beef Master                 Brahman

Brangus   Chi-Angus   Charolais

           Brangus                   Chi-Angus                     Charolais 

Club Calf   Gelbvieh   Hereford

        Club Calf                      Gelbvieh                     Hereford

Limousin   Maine-Anjou   Piedmontese

        Limousin                     Maine-Anjou              Piedmontese

Pinzgauer   Red Angus   Red Brangus

         Pinzgauer                    Red-Angus                  Red Brangus

Santa Gertrudis   Senegus   Simbrah

   Santa Gertrudis                 Senegus                      Simbrah

Shorthorn   Simmental   South Poll

       Shorthorn                       Simmental                 South Poll

Texas Longhorn   Wagyu   Belgian Blue

   Texas Longhorn                  Wagyu                      Belgian Blue

Scottish Highlander   Lowlines   Zebu

  Scottish Highland                Lowlines                       Zebu

Murry Grey   Tarentaise   Romagnola

    Murry Grey              Tarentaise                   Romagnola

Salers   Chianina  

             Salers                              Chianina

Braunvieh   Brahmousin   Braford

        Braunvieh                            Brahmousin                          Braford

Santa Cruz  Sundog 

         Santa Cruz                             Sundog



                                 DUAL PURPOSE BREED

montbeliarde  Belted Galloway

     Montbeliarde               Belted Galloway

Here's a really good site telling about each breed- Breeds of Cattle Info

I found a web site that has the history of different breeds and also a comparison of different breeds.


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