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 Heat Expectancy and Gestation Chart


To use this chart to find next expected heat.

1. Look for day the cow was in heat.
    a. If you have an actual day, you saw her in heat use that.
    b. If you have a bled off day, count backwards two days.

2. Then look at the column next door and that is the day she is expected to be in heat.
    Example: If she was in heat on January 1st then she would be expected to be in heat on January 22.

To use this chart to find a cows due date.

Find the day she was bred and look at the date within the same square.
Example: If she was bred on January 1st she would be due October 7th.

Signs of heat:

1. Standing when mounted.
2. Riding others.
3. Full/missing KaMaR
4. Part red KaMaR
5. Clear Mucous Discharge
6. Shot Induced
7. Nervous/Bawling
8. Rough tailhead from being ridden.

Rubbed tailhead from being ridden.

rubbed tailhead from riding

The Program

Give a shot of GNRH.

Wait 7 days and give a shot of Lutalyse

Wait 2 days and give a shot of GNRH

Wait 16-18 hours and breed

You can use this method with low producing cows at 60 days and high producing cows at 85-100 days if you haven't been able to catch them in heat.


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