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Clover  Alfalfa  Annual Rye Grass  Big Bluestem 

              Clover                                          Alfalfa                            Annual Rye Grass                        Big Bluestem

Cereal rye  Coastal hay  crimsonclover  Hairy vetch

          Cereal rye                                 bermuda hay                                Crimson clover                            Hairy vetch

Blue grass  Indian grass  Orachard grass  sorghum

              Blue grass                                 Indian grass                           Orchard grass                 Sorghum/Sudan Grass**

  timothy  comparison_of_coastal_bermuda_hay_and_timothy_hay_bottom  Birdseye treefoil  rhizoma_peanut

             Timothy                           Comparison of coastal bermuda      Birdseye treefoil                         Rhizoma Peanut

                                                       hay and timothy hay bottom.

ladino-clover  White clover  bahia 

        Ladino clover                      White clover                    Bahia

                                            (about 75 varieties)

                                    Forage or Grain

Oats  Corn  Soybean  Tritical

       Oats                       Corn                     Soybean                 Tritical

cotton plant  millet

           Cotton                                 Millet


Canola  Sunflower  Side Oats  Winter Wheat 

           Canola                   Sunflower        Side Oats         Winter wheat



                 Compaction Reduction Crop & Nitrogen

Rape  Rye

         Rape                           Rye


WARNING: Prussic acid is harmful to livestock.  Sorghum and sudangrass hybrids will develop Prussic acid under certain circumstances.  Very young plants, plants recovering from drought, and plants suffering from a killing frost should not be grazed.  Do not feed horses green foliage of sorghum sudangrass hybrids, because horses may develop cystitis syndrome if permitted to graze or feed on this food source. 

                                   Planting rate chart from 5 Star



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