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                                       Dehorning Cattle

We had a dehorning sesson where the dehorning had gotten away from us due to illness. It made for good pics to show you the different methods but, I don't ever want to do them that big again!

Here is the chute we made.
Normally we just have the headgate which is built into one of the pens but, with the older ones we needed something more.

Saw Method:
Note: this heifer is a big meanie!
DH used a backsaw to cut the horns off.
Next, it's the electric dehorner to seal the wound. Doing this we have had a much better healing time and we don't need to pull the veins. They get sealed off.

Clipper method:
Instead of the back saw, DH used clippers made for dehorning. These heifers were smaller and their horns fit the clippers. We have two different size clippers.
Then they were sealed with the electric dehorners.
Finished with a large one.
Here's one of the smaller ones that were to big for the electric dehorn method.

Electric dehorn method:
The calf's horn fits right into the hole inside the dehorner and you heat until there is a golden ring.
Golden ring.
Another way to check that you have killed off the horn is to pop the top off the horn after you have gotten the golden ring.

The electric dehorn method is really the easiest on the calves and the one I prefer to do!